BattGO® - Battery Goes Smarter

BattGO® is an information exchange system between charging equipment and discharging device.Whenever & wherever easily access battery data and history record. BattGo is the next standard of information exchange system for power battery.

Best choice for power battery

BattGO is excellent in processability, for battery manufacturers no need to add new equipment, no need to modify production process. Almost without changing battery appearance and size, Battgo can upgrade normal battery to smart battery. Excellent customized software offers battery manufacturers convenient custom features to improve product testing efficiency, fast diagnostic capabilities.

Collaborating Partner

BattGO certificate project makes sure products reach expected function, moreover products from different manufacturers are compatible. Products certificate is the key component during union standard development process. Unlike other standard, standard for Battgo will be released after products passed testing process. Battgo certificate let manufacturer offers various smart Battgo products. Battgo pays high attention to product conformity and interoperability and makes sure users get reliable products with smooth user experience.


Function Description
Support battery type LiHV, LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, NiCd, NiMh (support special battery type base on requirements)
Standby Current 50uA
Voltage error ±20mV
temperature error ±3°C
Battery cells 1-6S (support special battery type base on requirements)
Battery global unique ID Support
OEM parameter Brand, capacity, fully charge voltage , Over charge and over discharge voltage detection, Charge and discharge current limit, temperature limit.
User customized data Full voltage adjustment, Storage voltage adjustment, pre-set charge current, self-discharging time
Battery circulation support
Battery exception record Over charge, Over discharge, Over temperature (more parameters will be available based on requirements)
Battery protection function Standard module does not include positive protection function, this could be available based on OEM requirements.